What other Orders can the Court make with a PPO?

Posted under News Updates on 10 June 2016
  • When a PPO is applied for or issued, the Court may also make the following Orders:
    • Counselling Order: This which requires the parties to undergo mandatory / compulsory counselling sessions under the Mandatory Counselling Programme administered by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
    • Failure to comply with a Counselling Order attend counselling sessions is considered an act that is in contempt of Court (and which may be punished with a financial penalty or imprisonment)
    • The main aims of the Mandatory Counselling Programme are:
      • To educate the parties on how to resolve conflicts and behave appropriately towards one another
      • To prevent and end the family violence
      • To provide victims of family violence with a source of support and assistance
    • Expedited Order (EO): This is a short-term PPO that is granted on an urgent basis without a full trial being conducted in Court (i.e. without evidence being formally admitted through witnesses for the Court’s consideration)
      • The applicant must show that there is imminent danger (i.e. that family violence is about to be committed)
      • The Expedited Order (EO) lasts for 28 days and may be extended by the Court
    • Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO): This requires the offender to leave the applicant’s home or prohibits (i.e. disallows) the offender from entering the applicant’s home or any part of the home
      • The Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO) only restricts the offender’s right to reside in the home and does not affect the offender’s ownership of the home
      • A Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO) will be issued if the Court feels that it is necessary for protection or personal safety of you or other family members
    • The Court may make give other directions / instructions to ensure that the Court’s Orders are capable of being carried out

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