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Can you and your spouse come to an agreement so that you can...

A contested Divorce is more expensive and complicated than an uncontested Divorce because contested Divorce involves you and your spouse disagreeing on how to handle the key issues and decisions. […]

Posted on 14 November 2018

Can you challenge a Writ for Divorce filed by your spouse?

What can you do if your spouse has filed for a Divorce in Singapore and you wish to challenge what is being written in the Divorce Petition? If you want […]

Posted on 12 November 2018

Can you proceed with the Divorce if you cannot to contact or...

This relates to a situation where you wish to start Divorce proceedings but are unable to locate your spouse. Even if you cannot contact or locate your spouse, you can […]

Posted on 9 November 2018

Can I enforce orders made by the Syariah Court in the Family...

This relates to a situation where you have a Singapore Syariah Court Order that you wish to enforce against your spouse. You may choose to file a Magistrate’s Complaint for […]

Posted on 7 November 2018

Can the Family Court grant a Divorce to a Muslim couple, or ...

Different Divorce laws in Singapore apply for couples married under Civil Law and Muslim Law. The Family Court only handles Divorces for couples who are married under Civil Law. The […]

Posted on 5 November 2018

What are the legal requirements for a Divorce?

There are legal requirements to fulfil before you can get a Divorce in Singapore. The Family Court will only grant a Divorce if it is convinced that there has been […]

Posted on 2 November 2018
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