Cost/Fees of Divorce Lawyers In Singapore [5 Surprising Secrets]

by | Jul 11, 2023

Most Singaporeans opting to get a divorce would often wonder what affects the fees of a divorce lawyer. It’s common knowledge that when you want to consult or get a good lawyer to help you with any case, you will need to invest a reasonable budget.

Divorce fees can be affordable and are not always expensive.

It really depends on whether you’re getting a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. Consider the grounds of the divorce, too. Several factors that affect the cost of lawyers include whether they’re operating as a one-man-show, they belong to a big law firm and the number of years of experience of the lawyer.

Get to know more about uncontested divorce fees in Singapore

An uncontested divorce simply means that two parties have agreed to a divorce. Also known as a simplified uncontested divorce (if all the terms are agreed and no negotiations are required), the process is often quicker and easier than a contested divorce. That’s also the reason why it’s often less expensive than the latter.

Uncontested divorce fees are usually affordable

The extent can vary widely in many instances. The overall complexity will always hinge on various elements such as the necessity to negotiate terms relating to children, division of matrimonial assets, and maintenance arrangements.

How much does it cost to have a contested divorce in Singapore?

A contested divorce often requires higher fees, especially if the parties disagree over many terms such as the rights regarding children – child custody is often a factor that is discussed in contested divorce proceedings. If so, the lawyer would spend more time working on putting together the arguments and evidence for the case.

A contested separation case can demand a considerable commitment, which evidently isn’t a trifling matter. Divorce lawyers frequently devote more time in court advocating for their clients in such contested instances. As such, the legal fees are notably greater than for uncontested cases.

The good thing is that the fees at the Singapore Family Lawyer are all-inclusive. There are no hidden setup fees or any other additional fees.

Affordable divorce fees from a trusted team of lawyers

Singapore Family Lawyer offers services to both contested divorce and uncontested divorce.

The typical fee structure depends on your individual situation.

Less complicated cases usually happen when there’s no shared property, children, or financial support involved. This also means when both people agree to everything and there’s no need to talk it out. Thus, the fees are considerably lower.

Divorce legal fees are more expensive in complicated cases involving matrimonial property, children, and maintenance. You can also expect other associated costs related to party negotiation and/or when one party doesn’t agree to all the terms of the divorce.

For a more accurate quote, we highly recommend you to contact us here. We will assess your case and work out a sum that’s fair and reasonable for your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Fees In Singapore

Is it expensive if two parties agreed to have a divorce?

No. It’s because this is called uncontested divorce where both spouses have agreed to have a divorce. This is easier and less expensive than the contested divorce.

Who is in charge of paying for the divorce fees in Singapore?

In most cases, each is responsible for paying his own legal fees. It can also depend on who filed or petitioned the divorce. The petitioner and respondent can also discuss this matter.

Why are contested divorce fees more expensive than the cost of uncontested divorce here in Singapore?

There are many reasons why contested divorce fees are relatively costlier than an uncontested divorce. This reality does not occur only in Singapore, and it’s also the same situation in other countries.

Two parties don’t agree to divorce terms when it comes to contested divorce, therefore, divorce proceedings could take longer. It involves numerous steps aside from pre-trial legal motions and hearings.

Do you allow instalment payments for divorce fees?

Yes, we do! We know that you need to keep track of your legal expenses that is why we made instalment payments possible for our clients who need extra help financially.

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