Family Violence

by | Feb 2, 2016

What is “Family Violence”?

Family Violence is defined in the Women’s Charter as one of the following acts:

  • Wilfully or knowingly placing, or attempting to place a family member in fear of hurt
  • Causing hurt to a family member by such act which is known or ought to have been known would result in hurt
  • Wrongfully confining or restraining a family member against his will
  • Causing continual harassment with intent to cause or knowing that it is likely to cause anguish to a family member
  • This does not include any force lawfully used in self­defence, or by way of correction towards a child below 21 years of age

The following persons are considered to be family members:

  • Spouse or former spouse of the person;
  • Child of the person in question, including an adopted child and a step­child;
  • Father or mother of the person in question;
  • Father­in­law or mother­in­law of the person in question;
  • Brother or sister of the person in question; or
  • Any other relative of the person in question
  • Any other person whom the Court feels should be regarded as a member of the family because of the person’s incapacity, physical or mental disability, ill­health or old age
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About the author

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