A Comprehensive Guide To The Mandatory Parenting Programme In Singapore

by | Dec 1, 2023

When parents decide to part ways through Divorce, the well-being of the children involved is paramount. In Singapore, the government has introduced the Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP) to support families in transition and ensure the children’s needs are adequately met.

This article aims to guide divorcing parents in Singapore through the MPP, detailing its objectives, implementation, and impacts.


What Is The Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP) In Singapore?

The Mandatory Parenting Programme is a specialised initiative established by the Singapore government to aid parents with minor children going through the Divorce process.

It is mandatory for parents with children below 21 years old who cannot agree on Divorce matters and parental arrangements.

The primary objective of the MPP is to help parents understand the implications of Divorce on children, facilitate focused and effective co-parenting, and make informed decisions that prioritise the well-being of the children involved.

5 Benefits Of The Mandatory Parenting Programme

The Mandatory Parenting Programme serves as a crucial platform for parents amidst a Divorce, offering the following benefits:

Enhanced Understanding Of Co-Parenting

Participants acquire a more profound comprehension of effective co-parenting strategies, enabling them to create stable and supportive environments for their children post-Divorce.

Informed Decision-Making

The programme equips parents with the knowledge to make informed decisions prioritising their children’s emotional, psychological, and overall well-being.

Reduction Of Child Trauma

By fostering a collaborative parenting approach, the programme mitigates the emotional stress and trauma children might experience during Divorce, promoting resilient and adaptable children.

Improved Communication Skills

The MPP focuses on developing effective communication between parents, ensuring ongoing cooperation and reduced conflicts, which is crucial for the continuous well-being of the children involved.

Legal And Procedural Awareness

Parents gain insights into the legal aspects of Divorce and familial rights, aiding in the smooth navigation through legal processes and ensuring the protection of the children’s rights and welfare.

By attending the Mandatory Parenting Programme, parents can ensure a smoother transition for their children during the tumultuous Divorce period, thus laying the foundation for a stable and nurturing post-Divorce family life.


Who Facilitates The Mandatory Parenting Programme?

The Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP) is a one-time, two-hour consultation session facilitated by counsellors from Divorce Support Specialist Agencies (DSSAs) and the Strengthening Families Programme at Family Service Centres (FAM@FSCs). These entities are sanctioned by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to conduct the programme.


Can You Be Excused From Attending The Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP)?

Attendance is obligatory for all qualifying parents. However, exemptions may be granted under certain circumstances, such as cases of domestic abuse/family violence or when one parent resides overseas.

It is vital to consult with a family lawyer/Divorce lawyer in Singapore or the Family Justice Courts to discuss eligibility and possible exemptions based on individual circumstances.

You can book a free consultation with one of our team to get legal advice and assess your options.

How To Apply For The Mandatory Parenting Programme

Access the Family Assist (FA) portal to apply for the Mandatory Parenting Programme. Here, you can verify your eligibility and submit your application.

The process is straightforward; no documents are necessary, and only your name and contact details are required. Moreover, there are no fees associated with participating in the MPP; the programme is provided entirely free of charge.

Then the MSF will review and process your application. Once approved, a counsellor from the DSSAs and the FAM@FSCs will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Certificate Of Completion For The MPP

After completing the Mandatory Parenting Programme, the counsellor conducting the session will issue a “Certificate of Completion” to you.

This certificate enables you to initiate a Divorce petition, submit a counterclaim if your spouse has commenced Divorce proceedings, or proceed with the Divorce process if it is already underway.


Conclusion About The Mandatory Parenting Programme In Singapore

The Mandatory Parenting Programme is a critical component of the Divorce process for parents with minor children. It aims to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to support their children’s well-being during and after the Divorce. It emphasises effective co-parenting strategies, communication, and a cooperative parenting environment.

If you’re navigating the complexities of Divorce and require expert guidance on the Mandatory Parenting Programme, don’t hesitate to consult our family/Divorce lawyers in Singapore. At Singapore Family Lawyer, we specialise in offering professional advice and legal services tailored to your unique family needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Mandatory Parenting Programme

Do I Have To Pay To Attend The Mandatory Parenting Programme?

No, the mandatory parenting programme is a government initiative, and there are no fees for attending it.

Do I Have To Inform My Spouse About My Decision To Participate In The Mandatory Parenting Programme?

Yes, both spouses are required to attend the programme. Communication and coordination between spouses are vital for scheduling and attending the sessions.

Can My Friends Or Lawyer Complete The Mandatory Parenting Programme On My Behalf?

No, the programme is mandatory for the parents involved and cannot be completed by a proxy, whether a friend, relative, or legal counsel.

How Can I Complete The Mandatory Parenting Programme If I Am Residing Overseas?

Provisions may be available for online completion of the programme. Contact the relevant authorities or legal counsel for guidance on overseas completion options and procedures.

Is It Mandatory To Participate In The MPP With Your Spouse And/Or Child?

No, it is not mandatory for spouses to attend the Mandatory Parenting Programme together. Each parent attends separately, and the children are not required to participate in the MPP sessions.

Can I Attend The Mandatory Parenting Programme Allowed Even If I Am Not Required?

Yes, even if it is not compulsory for you to attend, you may still choose to participate in the Mandatory Parenting Programme to gain insights and knowledge that can help effectively manage family dynamics and child-centric concerns during the Divorce process.

Do I Have The Flexibility To Select Any Agency For The Mpp Consultation?

Yes you have the liberty to select any FAM@FSC or DSSA for attending the MPP consultation through the online booking platform. You can explore and choose from the listed agencies available here.

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